Headlines for Friday, October 9, 2015
City Council President Greg Anderson is calling a timeout on cellphones during meetings after some of his colleagues have been accused of improper texting while legislating....
Aggressive marketing and taking risks paid off for the Florida Theatre the past year. Nearly 171,000 people attended the 178 performances at the theatre during the year that ended Sept. 30....
IKEA has had its eyes on Jacksonville for at least 10 years. The international retailer that sells affordable home furnishings, often assembly required, usually needs an area population of about 2 million people....
Lawmakers took a step toward removing the Confederate battle flag from the Senateís official seal Thursday, as a committee unanimously voted to establish a new seal without the Civil War banner....
St. Vincentís HealthCare is taking down Seton Hall and Bryan Auditorium on its Riverside campus. Spokesman Kyle Sieg said the demolition is expected to be completed in December. ...
Tampa-based Blue Rock Partners entered the Jacksonville market this week, buying a portfolio of three apartment complexes for $64.8 million....
The Daily Record will regularly provide updates about building permits and development plans filed with the city and other agencies. ...
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