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Bar Bulletin: Need CLE hours? No need to leave town or your office

  • McCarthy

  • Step 1: Click on the Attorney Resources tab of www.jaxbar.org to reveal the CLE Access link. Step 2: Select the program you wish to purchase from the library of programs.

  • Step 3: Register for the program and provide credit card payment information on the secure portal. To trigger member prices, you will need to log into the site before you make your purchase.

  • Step 4: You will receive an email that has a link to the CLE video and a password to access the video.

  • Step 5: Click the email link, enter the password and watch the program.

By Blane McCarthy, Jacksonville Bar Association Board of Governors

My primary focus since being elected to The Jacksonville Bar Association Board of Governors in 2013 has been continuing legal education services.

The JBA has a well-earned reputation for providing excellent CLE events.

That reputation continues, thanks to the many learned colleagues who volunteer to present and organize the events and to JBA staff member Carla Ortiz-Ramos who processes The Florida Bar CLE applications and administrates the programs.

The association recently made two significant upgrades to its CLE activities.

We have developed a CLE event calendar, enabling members to plan in advance their required education pursuits.

While the JBA continues to offer many short-segment CLE events throughout the year, we have committed to having the following annual seminars:

• February: Trial advocacy

• May: Professionalism (biennial, odd years) and Technology (biennial, even years)

• June: Mediators’ CME/CLE

• September: Family law

• November: Transactional law

Ortiz-Ramos obtains certification hours for most of the annual CLE events, adding further value to seminar attendees who are pursuing or renewing board certification

Our members can rely on the annual event calendar, knowing we will provide ample local opportunities to satisfy the most popular CLE hour needs.

But what if your schedule conflicts with these events? That’s where the second upgrade comes into play –– the online JBA CLE library.

Over the past year, JBA staff member (and in-house technology expert) Tony Adams has been producing videos of many of our CLE events and creating an online digital library.

Through this resource, you can attend any seminar, regardless of your calendar conflicts.

Furthermore, most seminars are posted as entire programs and as individual topic segments (with their own separate FL CLE codes).

How many times have you signed up for a seminar because of your keen interest in only one or two of the segments?

Now, through the online library, you can attend just that segment, at a reduced tuition charge and save your time and money for other things.

Adams has posted a video tutorial on how to access and use the online JBA CLE library. It’s on the homepage at jaxbar.org and at the top of the CLE Access page.

Continuing legal education remains a priority of your Jacksonville Bar Association, so rest assured you will be able to fulfill your CLE requirement without having to leave Jacksonville, or even your office.

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