- 2017 - February - 28th -

Mayor Lenny Curry talks leadership, crime and football with Lee High School group

  • Mayor Lenny Curry had lunch with Robert E. Lee High School students who are members of the EVAC program. They talked about leadership, crime and a little football. Above, Chris Burgess asked Curry how many Jacksonville Jaguars games he has attended. The mayor’s answer: “I haven’t missed a home game in a long time.” The program’s name is cave spelled backward, based on Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave,” which is about the importance of education.

  • A cellphone is used to video Chris Burgess, a member of the EVAC leadership program from Robert E. Lee High School, at Mayor Lenny Curry’s desk during the group’s visit to City Hall on Monday.

  • Curry and the members of the program pray before having lunch, where they discussed topics including crime and leadership. The mayor hopes to spread the leadership program to more Jacksonville schools, according to WJXT TV-4. Monday was the second time he has met with the students.

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