Probate - 05/17/2017

New court cases involving the instructions of a deceased person, deciding who will be the executor (personal representative) of an estate, or adjudicating the interests of heirs and other parties who may have claims against an estate.

In Re: Estate of Perry, Lucinda L, Akel, Edward C, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000993-CP

In Re: Estate of Million, Creed Russell, Watson, Jeffrey Todd, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000995-CP

In Re: Estate of Marohn, Grace Elizabeth, Mason, Sean Patrick, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000996-CP

In Re: Estate of Bell, Margie M., Epstein, M David, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000991-CP

In Re: Estate of Pawela, Virgnia Sue, Slott, Arnold Herbert, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000999-CP

In Re: Estate of Barnes, Evelyn H, Rausch, Lawrence Richard, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001004-CP

In Re: Estate of Moss, Mark Frederic, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001003-GA

In Re: Estate of Schoepfer, Kendal Ann, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001001-GA

In Re: Estate of Donahoo, Thomas Mitchell Jr, atty; Holmgren, Stephen Paul, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001002-GA

In Re: Estate of Henderson, James, Gillette, Charlie James Jr, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001006-CP

In Re: Estate of Wiggins, Alexander Charles, Wilford, Christina Lynn, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001000-CP

In Re: Estate of Phillips, Betty Crain, Osborne, Lee Steven, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001007-CP

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