Family Law - 05/17/2017

New court cases involving marriage, adoption, paternity or divorce.

Semidey, Betzaida and Semidey, David; Hutchinson, Jason K, atty; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-F, 17-003634-DR

Stahle, Tara, Stahle, Tara and Stahle, Dustin Allen; Harrison, Nancy C, atty; Manos, Danielle Marie, atty; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-D, 17-003635-DR

Espling, Arne and Espling, Ashley; Lonker, Whitney Rae, atty; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 17-003637-DR

Soares, Joseph and Walker, Ashley; Galustov, Boris, atty; Foreign Judgment Custody; Div-FM-A, 17-003633-DR

Oatman, Matthew R. and Oakman, Demetria A.; Proper Person; Foreign Judgment Dissolution Marriage; Div-FM-C, 17-003623-DR

Dotson, Analise Milan and In Re: Name Change (adult); Proper Person; Name Change; Div-FM-G, 17-003636-DR

Harrison, Corderius L and Burrough, Tatiana; Presley, Kameisha Keon, atty; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-E, 17-003625-DR

Dunn, George and Hughes, Courtney; Beckus, George James, atty; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-A, 17-003626-DR

Sims, Laqueen Neshell Tonyella and Kelly, James Lee; Proper Person; Petition For Superseding Child Support Order; Div-FM-D, 17-003630-DR

Jackson, Roskei and Richardson, Olivia; Proper Person; Petition For Superseding Child Support Order; Div-FM-C, 17-003632-DR

Amos, Charles, Amos, Kathy and In Re: Temporary Custody By Extended Family; Giovannetti, Laura Ann, atty; Giovannetti, Laura Ann, atty; Custody; Div-FM-D, 17-003658-DR

Valdez, Jose Noe and Valdez, Esmeralda Sanchez; Drake, Brenda A, atty; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 17-003638-DR

Lindquist, Eileen L. and Lindquist, Joshua W.; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-D, 17-003639-DR

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