Probate - 05/16/2017

New court cases involving the instructions of a deceased person, deciding who will be the executor (personal representative) of an estate, or adjudicating the interests of heirs and other parties who may have claims against an estate.

In Re: Estate of Griffin, Velvet, Donahoo, Thomas Mitchell Jr, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000967-CP

In Re: Estate of Hand, Gail, Beckus, George James, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000969-CP

In Re: Estate of Gallashaw, Antonio, Albee, Helen Heim, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000973-CP

In Re: Estate of Owens, James Adam, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000971-GA

In Re: Estate of Difranza, Lisa Anne, atty; Kapperman, Michael Joseph, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000965-GA

In Re: Estate of Lopanik, David, Edwards, William Thomas Jr, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000972-CP

In Re: Estate of Brown, James P, Edwards, William Thomas Jr, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000975-CP

In Re: Estate of Lam, Lawrence Eugene, Rothstein, Seth Louis, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000922-CP

In Re: Estate of Alderman, Elizabeth Anne, Cohen, Ronald Stuart, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000974-CP

In Re: Estate of Bostic, Elizabeth Virginia, Wilson, Hilary Diane, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000976-CP

In Re: Estate of Bibeau, Richard Ovide, Gramm, Jo Ann Leigh, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000977-CP

In Re: Estate of Thomas, Warren M, Alexander, John Nickolas Jr, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000978-CP

In Re: Estate of Moniquette, Claire, Powell-Williams, Juanita, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000938-CP

In Re: Estate of Sitterson, Donald W, Ezell, Brenda B, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000970-CP

In Re: Estate of Gaynor, Samuel L, Fleming, Toni Lynetta, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000981-CP

In Re: Estate of Griffin, Arliss Varless, Preddy, Rose Marie Karadsheh, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000988-CP

In Re: Estate of Barkan, Leonora, Berg, Rebecca Louise, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000989-CP

In Re: Estate of Boykin, Imani A, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000986-GA

In Re: Estate of Eng, Nina M, Tupper, Michael Alexander, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000980-CP

In Re: Estate of Wright, Robin Gayle, Bowers, Vicki Joiner, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000982-CP

In Re: Estate of Giesecke, Melissa Paige, Greene, Elliot H, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000984-CP

In Re: Estate of Chaffe, Christopher Blackshear, Owens, James Adam, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000990-CP

In Re: Estate of Hannon, Azzie Lee, Marshall, Reese, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000983-CP

In Re: Estate of Adkins, Sylvia Maxine, Quinonez, Suzanne Clanin, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000987-CP

In Re: Estate of Barry Family Restated Living Trust Dated February 3, 2006, Vaughn, Joseph Lamar Jr, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000979-CP

In Re: Estate of Crabtree, Ralph R, Crafton, Gabriel Ben Abba, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000994-CP

In Re: Estate of Liles, Deborah Camp, Miller, Robert Neal, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000997-CP

In Re: Estate of Sadler, Joseph Hudson, Kelly, Timothy Patrick, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000998-CP

In Re: Estate of Alexon, Paul V, Dugan, Adam J, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-000992-CP

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