Chapter 13 - 05/12/2017

New court cases involving an individual or sole proprieter business. Debts owed to creditors are reorganized.

Yolanda Yvette Laster, 8891 Ivymil Pl N, Jacksonville, FL 32244, Atty: R Elrod, Jr, Case No 17-01492

Gerald H Thompson, Jr & Judy F Thompson, 3640 Newcomb Rd #70, Jacksonville, FL 32218, Atty: D Higginbotham, Case No 17-01497

Christina Coley aka Christina E Coley Mcclauvin aka Christina Elizabeth Coley, 2063 15th St, Jacksonville, FL 32209, Atty: T Dolaghan, Case No 17-01498

Erik S Stephens aka Erik Stephens aka Erik Shawn Stephens, 13993 Nations Eagle Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32226, Atty: J Lopez, Case No 17-01505

Jenna R Ryan fka Jenna Rose Jenkins, 7563 Cliff Cottage Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32244, Atty: D DuFresne, Case No 17-01507

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