Lis Pendens - 01/10/2017

Notice filed that title of certain property is in litigation and is in danger of being bound by adverse judgment. Judgment has not yet taken place but property is under constraint.

ciation Inc. vs. Charles H. Lucas & Kimberly D. Parker, Unit 30, Hideaway Harbour, filed 1-3-2017

17829-1531 Chimney Lakes Owners Association Inc. vs. Jesse Taylor & Lisa et al, L31, Argyle Forest Chimney Lakes, Unit 8, filed 1-3-2017

17829-1534 Barrington Cove Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Shacara Mitchell et vir & Tameko Mitchell et vir, et al, L149, Barrington Cove, Phase 2, filed 1-3-2017

17829-1578 Highland Lakes Owners Association Inc. vs. the unknown heirs, devisees, grantees, beneficiaries, assignees, creditors, lienors, trustees or other claimants of the Estate of Ellar W. Williams, L63, Highland Lakes on Argyle, Unit 1, filed 1-3-2017

17829-1717 Lois Estates Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Willie E. Jones & Carolyn et al, L69, Lois Estates, Unit 1, filed 1-3-2017

17829-1749 Chimney Lakes Owners Association Inc. vs. Jason Macal & Vanessa Covert et al, L79, Argyle Forest Chimney Lakes, Unit 6, filed 1-3-2017

17829-1751 Highland Lakes Owners Association Inc. vs. Jodi D. Mack & Anterio L. et al, L152D, Highland Lakes on Argyle, Unit 3, filed 1-3-2017

17829-1754 Secret Hills Community Association Inc. vs. Jasper L. Hatten & Vanera G., L1, Secret Hills, Unit 2, filed 1-3-2017

17829-1756 Deer Cove Owners Association Inc. vs. Hazel Agee et al, L20, Deer Cove, Unit 4, filed 1-3-2017

17829-1931 CIS Financial Services Inc. vs. Susie Marie Brantley, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Sammy Davis, Jr., Champion TV Rental/Roy Smith & Teresa Danielle O’Neal; unknown parties claiming by, through, under & against the Estate of Sammy Davis, Jr. et al, L23B,23A, Villas of Cobblestone, filed 1-3-2017

17829-2075 Fannie Mae vs. Nani E. Buensuceso & Vida Ruiz Buensuceso et al, L83, Parker Place, filed 1-3-2017

17829-2204 Capridan LLC vs. Elvin Linares et al, L24, B1, Hendersonville, filed 1-3-2017

17830-700 NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. Edwin M. Bridges et ux, et al, Unit 18-7, Heron’s Landing, filed 1-3-2017

17830-870 Chimney Lakes Owners Association Inc. vs. Maria Cue & Valentin et al, L74, Argyle Forest Chimney Lakes, Unit 1, filed 1-3-2017

17830-875 NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. Leonard C. Pressley & Gloria Jean et al, L58, Sandy Pointe, filed 1-3-2017

17830-2243 Branch Banking & Trust Co. vs. Steven G. Johnson et ux, Christopher Scott Johnson et ux; Steven G. Johnson & Christopher Scott Johnson, Personal Reps. of the Estate of Linda Stone Johnson; any & all unknown parties claiming by, through, under & against the Estate of Linda Stone Johnson; Danisha Carson et al, L17C, Pine Run, filed 1-3-2017

17830-2273 Queens Harbour Yacht & Country Club Owners Association Inc. vs. Glenn Carver & Patricia Kathryn Workens et al, L1, Queens Harbour Yacht & Country Club, Unit 9, filed 1-3-2017


17830-2371 William C. McKinley, Jr. et ux, et al, L10B, Pottsburg Farms

17831-604 Unknown heirs, beneficiaries, devisees, surviving spouse, grantees, assignees, lienors, creditors, trustees & all other parties claiming an interest by, through, under or against the Estate of Gladys G. Leake et al, Sec 5, T4S, R27E

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