Civil Actions - 01/10/2017

New court cases involving suits filed by a plaintiff for damages alleged to have been caused by the actions or negligence of a defendant, which can be an individual or a business, corporation or government entity.

16-006565-CA The Bank Of New York Mellon Et Al vs. Morse, Nikkole L, Unknown Spouse Of Nikkole L Morse, Doe, John; Veschio, Victor H, atty, complaint, Div-FC-C

16-006571-CA Federal National Mortgage Association (fannie Mae), A Corporation Organized And Existing Under The Laws Of The United States Of America vs. Manning, Cary L, Manning, Lesile R, Unknown Tenant(s) In Possession #1, Unknown Tenant(s) In Possession #2; Rosaler, Brian Lee, atty, complaint, Div-FC-D

16-006572-CA Nationwide Property Insurance Company Of America, Peppers, Donald vs. Covert, Chris, Diaz, Zana; Lefrancois, Benjamin J, atty, complaint, Div-CV-F

16-006573-CA Brown, Durward vs. West Marine Products, Inc.; Sholes, Ronald E, atty, complaint, Div-CV-C

16-006574-CA Teasdell, Eric, Teasdell, Jermeker vs. Kb Home Jacksonville LLC; Obrien, Neil Patrick, atty, complaint, Div-CV-H

16-006575-CA Crawford, Danny, Crawford, Betty Ann vs. Itw Food Equipment Group Lllc; Spohrer, Matthew Walden, atty, complaint, Div-CV-D

16-006576-CA Midfirst Bank vs. Morgan, Michele T, Unknown Spouse Of Michele T Morgan, Unknown Tenant 1, Unknown Tenant 2, Eagles Creek Owners Association, Inc.; Assmann, Patricia Lynn, atty, complaint, Div-FC-F

16-006577-CA Ford Motor Credit Company LLC vs. Abrams, Jennifer K; Ingino, Michael James, atty, complaint, Div-CV-C

16-006578-CA Wells Fargo Bank NA, Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Gardner, Renee H, Gardner, Steven D, Windsor Parke Property Owners Association Inc, Lake Pointe At Windsor Parke Association Inc; Anthousis, Julie, atty, complaint, Div-FC-H

16-006579-CA Goodin, Kenneth Frank, Goodin, Deanna vs. Government Employee Insurance Company; Waters, James Floyd III, atty, complaint, Div-CV-D

16-006580-CA Wesley, Denita R vs. Holt, William D Jr; Wolf, David Alan, atty, complaint, Div-CV-B

16-006581-CA US Bank National Association As Trustee For Cmalt Remic Series 2007-a1-remic Pass-through Certificates Series 2007-a1 vs. Weathington, Ricky J, Weathington, Cherrie A, Sweetwater Creek South Homeowners Association, Inc., Arbor Oaks Owners Association, Inc., Foundation Finance Company LLC, Unknown Tenant(s); Lenzi, Emilio R, atty, complaint, Div-FC-F

16-006582-CA Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. vs. Mccarthy, Kara J, Unknown Spouse Of Kara J. Mccarthy, Unknown Tenant 1, Unknown Tenant 2, Unknown Tenant 3, Unknown Tenant 4; Mansoor, Nusrat, atty, complaint, Div-FC-H

16-006583-CA Hmc Assets, LLC Solely In Its Capacity As Seperate Trustee Of Cam X Trust, Its Capacity As Seperate vs. Mcduffie, Brandon, Unknown Spouse Of Brandon Mcduffie, Unknown Tenant #1, Unknown Tenant #2; Deluca, Orlando, atty, complaint, Div-FC-D

16-006584-CA Thomas, Jadon Kevin vs. Aarons Logistics, LLC, Davis, Bruce Alan; Harrell, W Holt, atty, complaint, Div-CV-B

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