Notice of Commencement - 01/05/2017

Notice filed when construction valued at $2,500 or more is to take place.

17824-1555 New Cingular Wireless PCS, 1801 Kernan Bv

17824-1556 Pinnacle Towers Acquisitions LLC, L3,4, Southside Estates, Unit 30

17824-1557 AT&T, L14, Gilmore

17824-1558 2930 Sherry Dr, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

17824-1559 AT&T Mobility, 801 St. Johns Bluff Rd N

17824-1560 L1, B13, Parker’s S/D

17824-1561 Tract 8, B3, Jacksonville Heights

17824-1562 AT&T, 546 Owens Rd

17824-1563 CCATT LLC, 4520 Edgewood Dr

17824-1564 Crown Castle South Inc., L2, Callahan S/D

17824-1565 CCATT LLC, L2-5,13-16, B12, Lucas Addn to Maxville

17824-1566 Crown Castle South LLC, 6910 Skaff Av Ct01

17824-1567 Crown Castle South LLC, 13995 Beach Bv

17824-1633 Foyda Builders Inc. for FREO Florida LLC, L68, Villas at Cross Creek, Unit 3, filed 12-28-2016

17824-1726 Theodore D. Berkstresser for Eric Gwisz & Allison, L4, B14, Ocean Forest, Unit 3, filed 12-28-2016

17824-1769 Daniel Locke for Matthew Warrick, L6, Blk A, Colony Cove, filed 12-28-2016

17824-1990 AJ Wells Roofing & Construction for Varena Gibson, L4, B73, Cedar Springs, filed 12-28-2016

17824-2077 G.D. Griffith Roofing Inc. for Judy B. Curtis, L13C, Brookwood Forest, filed 12-28-2016

17824-2157 Shark Signs for NE FL for UBC-1 LLC, L1-3,7-9,4,16, B154, Pablo Beach North, filed 12-28-2016

17824-2178 G.D. Griffith Roofing Inc. for Aubrey Purvis, Sr., 16989 Wells Rd, Baldwin, FL 32234, filed 12-28-2016

17824-2245 Pete Cafaro for Frank Lowery, L7, Wentworth Place, filed 12-28-2016

17824-2264 Poe Enterprises Construction LLC for Michael West, L74, Trevor Green at Sterling Ridge, Unit 8, filed 12-28-2016

17824-2265 Nationwide Catastrophe Services Inc. for Derrick Hartley, L2, B3, Fairview Gardens, filed 12-28-2016

17824-2268 Terrawise Homes Inc. for self, L50, Cedarbrook North, filed 12-28-2016

17824-2320 Pete Cafaro for Donna Gibner, L16, Greenland Hideaway, filed 12-28-2016


17824-2333 L24, Villages of Westport, Phase 1

17824-2334 L38, Villages of Westport, Phase 1

17824-2335 L39, Villages of Westport, Phase 1


17824-2337 Richard Lawrence, L32, B6, Secret Cove, Unit 2

17824-2339 Vera Davis, L9, B10, Fishweir Park

17824-2387 JDN Construction Inc. for Saundra King, L10, B1, Fairview Pines, filed 12-28-2016

17824-2471 Dav-Lin Interior Contractors Inc. for WFC Lessee LLC, L20-22, Hart’s Map of Jacksonville, filed 12-28-2016

17825-20 The Home Depot At-Home Services for William Cowden, L7, B7, Jacksonville Beach Heights, filed 12-28-2016


17825-81 Donald J. Boland, L201, Amelia View, Unit 4B

17825-133 Richard Mummaw, L8,10,12, Pasadena View

17825-223 Aquatite Roofing Inc. for Jimmy Lanier, L13, Glamance Terrace, filed 12-28-2016

17825-230 Daniel Davis for Barbara Sweat, L4-6, B3, Silver Lake Terrace, filed 12-28-2016

17825-257 Dream Finders Homes LLC for DFH Land LLC, L40, Longfield Preserve, filed 12-28-2016

17825-306 Quality Discount Roofing for Marie Jacob, L210, Kensington Gardens, Unit 3B, filed 12-28-2016

17825-333 Reliant Roofing Inc. for BCEL 8 LLC, L10, B79, Armstrong’s Riverview, filed 12-28-2016

17825-386 Christopher Olin for Carl Bell, 14914 Bell Estates Rd, filed 12-28-2016

17825-387 Will Price for Kent Dowling, 3908 Burnett Park Rd, filed 12-28-2016

17825-482 Roofing Labor Inc for Toni Stokes, L269, Hawkins Cove, Unit 7, filed 12-28-2016

17825-515 Toll Bros Inc. for Toll FL VI LP, L10, Atlantic Beach Country Club, Unit 2, filed 12-28-2016

17825-536 K&D Roofing & Construction Co. Inc. for Richard English, L99, Johns Creek, Unit 3, filed 12-28-2016

17825-539 Coastal Building Systems of Amelia Inc. for Richard Dotson, L17, B1, Fairview Gardens, filed 12-28-2016

17825-549 Kara Meintassis & Spiras for self, L191, Hickory Creek, Unit 1, filed 12-28-2016

17825-574 Roofing Labor Inc. for Audrey Regnier, L111, Trevor Green at Sterling Ridge, Unit 6, filed 12-28-2016

17825-606 Patriot Roofing Services Inc. for Zoran Bozic, L70, Sweetwater Creek South, Unit 1 E, filed 12-28-2016

17825-616 Roofing Labor Inc. for Elaine Hodge, L15, B41, Cedar Hills Estates, Unit 6, filed 12-28-2016

17825-640 Lasa Construction Inc. for Western Way Warehouse LLC, 5286 Western Way Ct #C-7, filed 12-28-2016

17825-705 A Crown Roofing Inc. for Neo Hak, L98, Sutton Lakes, Unit 6-A, filed 12-28-2016

17825-78 JDMC for John D. MacLeod & Linda H., L38, Oak Landing, Unit 2, filed 12-28-2016

17825-735 Preferred Roofing LLC for Ricki Pritchard, L8, B12, Hills, Unit 4, filed 12-28-2016

17825-749 K&D Roofing for Daniel Illeseas, L143, Ashley Woods, Unit 4, filed 12-28-2016

17825-782 AAA Roofmasters Inc. for James Ayrs, L523, Ashley Woods, Unit 10, filed 12-28-2016

17825-819 ECS Solar Energy Systems for Sarah Martin, L2, Kingsmill, filed 12-28-2016

17825-824 Reliant Roofing Inc. for BCEL 5 LLC, L1, B51, Cedar Hills Estates, Unit 2, filed 12-28-2016

17825-839 A Crown Roofing Inc. for Christina Wilson, L22, Victoria Lakes, Unit 1, filed 12-28-2016

17825-913 Preferred Roofing for David C. Zink, L16, Nottingham Harbour, Unit 1, filed 12-28-2016

17825-923 Duval Overhead Door Co. Inc. for Alfred Harding, Jr., 4826 Ortega Forest Dr, filed 12-28-2016

17825-932 Excel Roofing Contractors Inc. for Virginia Bomhold, L22, B7, Arlington Hills, filed 12-28-2016

17825-938 FLC Contracting LLC for Boxtown Oak LLC, L3, B21, Riverside, filed 12-28-2016


17825-984 Choyce LaRue, L268, Trevor Green at Sterling Ridge, Unit 3

17825-1188 Jane Patton, L211, B1, Burkrete

17825-1192 All Seasons Roofing of N FL for Frank Hartsfield & Erika, L101, Johns Creek, Unit 2, filed 12-28-2016

17825-1392 Christopher C. Dostie for John J. Poklemba, 12366 Glen Kernan Py N, filed 12-28-2016

17825-1395 AJ Wells Roofing & Construction for Sharon Melendez, L134, H.G., Unit 1, filed 12-28-2016

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