Orders & Decrees - 01/05/2017

Reports of court finding and decisions such as granting of dissolution, final judgments, etc.

CitiMortgage Inc. vs. Alejandro Muniz et al, cert. of sale

U.S. Bank vs. Juan B. Rodriguez & Gladys Feliciano et al, cert. of sale

Michele Weyer & Terry J. Weyer, final judg BANK OF AMERICA VS: CERT. OF SALE

Quessie L. Murray et al

Shannon Daniels & Monica et al

Bank of New York Mellon vs. Gladys V. Buonomo & Julian et al, cert. of sale

CIT Bank vs. Bettie L. Worthen et vir, et al, cert. of sale

NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. Carl W. Cline et ux, et al, cert. of sale


Lazell Brown et ux, et al

Theresa Smith & James H. et al

Norlis Delapera-Redondo & Shana Boe, final judg

Sharell Lavon Williams & James Williams, final judg

Tiffany Lee-McCray & Steven McCray, final judg

Kenneth L. Beasley & Victoria Beasley, final judg

Romeo Oswaldo Martinez & Dora Dayssi Fuentes Flores, final judg

Kevin Insco & Jennifer Lee Insco, final judg

Russell W. Thompson & Tracy L. Thompson, final judg

Joshua Scott Yates & Cassandra Marie Yates, final judg

Michael A. Gilio & Kimberly D. Gilio, final judg

Vilma Aracely Penate de Contreras & José Dagoverto Contreras, final judg

Marshawn Henderson & Marchelle Henderson, final judg

Priscilla Branthoover & Michael Branthoover, final judg

Calvin Sherrod & Roberta Sherrod, final judg

Victor Lamont Benson & Toyia Darshay Benson, final judg

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