Chapter 7 - 04/26/2017

New court cases involving an individual or business that is unable to pay debts owed to creditors. All assets not exempted by law are liquidated to pay creditors.

Alden J Whilden aka Alden Johannes Whilden, 5428 Keystone Dr S, Jacksonville, FL 32207, Atty: T King, Case No 17-01235

Michael Lee Orton & Rene G Orton, 8912 Hipps Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32222-1716, Atty: B Mickler, Case No 17-01242

Thomas Arthur Combs & Anita Denise Combs, 10359 Sequoya Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32257, Atty: M Sacks, Case No 17-01245

Tim Eugene Creed & Dolores Elaine Creed, 7246 Elvia Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32211, Atty: K Paysinger, Case No 17-01246

Sally Jane Saldana, 815 Cedar St, Jacksonville, FL 32207, Atty: M Sacks, Case No 17-01247

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