Civil Orders - 02/17/2017

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

17826-281 David L. Chappell Jr. vs. Steven & Steven Jackson, final judg

17827-1970 Community Homeownership Center, Inc. vs. Ikina L. Powers, Ikloco M. Powers, final judg

17827-2122 Robert J. Duckworth, Jr. vs. June Wirtz; Eldon Allen Wirtz; Michael Teresi, final judg

17827-1587 Educational Community Credit Union vs. Don J. Powell, final judg

17826-134 Engel Realty vs. Leontyne Kearney, final judg

17827-896 Gate Parkway Apartments LTD vs. Jeffrey Irons, final judg

17827-2086 Mark Hunter vs. Jarred & Julia Cenite, final judg

17826-545 Jacksonville Housing Authority vs. Mark Jones, final judg

17827-1929 Jax Town Investments LLC vs. Savannah King, final judg

17825-2307 Maureen C. Kirtsey vs. Felix Glenn, Jr., final judg

17826-1006 La Estancia Apartments vs. Princess Harper, final judg

17827-962 Mac Arbor Place LLC vs. Kyhalrah Ringold, final judg

17827-1035 Mac Highlander LLC vs. Mechelle Gantt, final judg

17827-1158 Mallards Landing Associates, LTD vs. Andrea Griffin, final judg

17827-2267 Joao Matos vs. Pamela Copeland, final judg

17826-1464 Eugene McGee vs. James Windsor, final judg

17826-1481 James S. McKee vs. Logan Cannon and Tammy Cannon, final judg

17825-2390 Midland Funding LLC vs. Belinda Otey, final judg

17826-1603 Midland Funding LLC vs. Joann Pakron, final judg

17826-1517 Money Pages of Florida, Inc. vs. G2E, Inc., final judg

17826-462 New Three Seasons, LP vs. Virginia Watson, final judg

17826-1609 Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. Felicia Smith, final judg

17827-866 Solid Rock Homebuyers, LLC vs. Vianca Tekia Davis, final judg 17827-809 Alistair Steel vs. Christopher James Brewer and Elesha Brewer, final judg

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