Civil Orders - 03/22/2017

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

Pete Moncheck vs. Staneshia Thomas & Chanice Thomas, final judg, 17847-152

Match Made Realty vs. Jenetta Childers, final judg, 17847-157

Jacksonville Housing Authority vs. Rachel Turner, final judg, 17847-192

Bentley Green Apartments Investors LLC vs. Justin Ginn & Rodolfo Grey, final judg, 17847-193

Eggers Family Trust of 1998 vs. Penny Smith & Laverne Walker, final judg, 17847-215

Reserve Property Holdings LLC vs. Tiffany Waters & Je’Vonte Risher, final judg, 17847-221

JMG Realty Inc. vs. Kiara Harris, final judg, 17847-232

Jacksonville Housing Authority vs. Lisa Perkins, final judg, 17847-275

Charles Golden vs. Warner Thomas, final judg, 17847-328

Kathleen R. Moran vs. Cynthia Harris et al, final judg, 17847-349

Michael Finn vs. Tyler Wooton, final judg, 17847-378

Princeton Management vs. Crystal Roberts, final judg, 17847-401

Riverview Real Estate LLC vs. Esteban Fortyn, final judg, 17847-429

US Residential Group vs. Rosetta Siplin, final judg, 17847-454

Heald Properties Inc. vs. Jazmine R. Williams, final judg, 17847-624

Duke Properties vs. Cierra Mack, final judg, 17847-684

San Miguel Management vs. Adnan Yilmaz, final judg, 17847-717

SP Hartwood LP vs. Lacey N. Wainwright et al, final judg, 17847-724

Signature Realty vs. Jonisha Trotter, final judg, 17847-852

Hollybrook Homes Apartments Inc. vs. Seleshia Frison, final judg, 17847-1157

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Elandra Jones, final judg, 17847-1165

Cleveland Arms Apartments Ltd. vs. Zonzaya I. Williams, final judg, 17847-1169

Progress Residential 2015-1 Borrower LLC vs. Robert Renda & Nancy, final judg, 17847-1201

R&R Investment Properties of Jax LLC vs. William Mosley et al, final judg, 17847-1214

Tony Creppell vs. Tammy Arnott et al, final judg, 17847-1237

Cherishome Jacksonville LLC vs. Joseph Merwin, final judg, 17847-1246

Discover Bank vs. William Nadal, final judg, 17847-1276

USAHomes Rental Properties LLC vs. Jermercha Tippins, final judg, 17847-1459

Mahmoud Mona vs. Brithni Smith & Dexton Manor, final judg, 17847-1493

Goldoller LLC vs. Kandria Donley & Kenneth Drobner, III, final judg, 17847-1606

Princeton Management vs. Angelia Griffin, final judg, 17847-1608

First Coast Rental Management vs. Ray Phillips, final judg, 17847-1694

Dan Woolf vs. Shawanna Clark, final judg, 17847-1698

G&I VII St. Johns Plantation LLC vs. Sarai Davis & Jamal A., final judg, 17847-1705

Mid-America Apartments LP vs. Patrice Nelson, final judg, 17847-1937

Stars Rest Inn vs. Edward Girard, final judg, 17847-1938

Toyka Cobb vs. Shenika Johnson et al, final judg, 17847-1948

WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Michael Countryman & Christine Bishop, final judg, 17847-1955

Evelyn Powell vs. Charles Mason, Jr., final judg, 17847-1982

Bell Partners Inc. vs. Dorothy Jackson, final judg, 17847-1984

Dan Woolf vs. Shawanna Clark, final judg, 17847-2054


Durin Smith, 17847-2088

Durin Smith, 17847-2090

Marie R. Howard vs. Richard Giles, final judg, 17847-2117

Daphne T. Wheaton vs. Renardo Albertie, final judg, 17847-2122

Highland Lakes Owners Association Inc. vs. Barbara L. Hollis et al, final judg, 17848-9

G. Michael Duggan vs. Peter Gill, final judg, 17848-185

Jim Downs vs. Andrea West, final judg, 17848-186

All America Realty LLC vs. Timika Payne, final judg, 17848-187

G&I VII Westland Park LLC vs. Michael Jackson, final judg, 17848-188

Israel Vasquez vs. Wesley Stephen Hill & Carrie Lynn Rider, final judg, 17848-204

WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Krystal Watkins, final judg, 17848-215

Princeton Management vs. Jacob Lesperance, final judg, 17848-239

Jacksonville Student Housing LLC vs. Ashja Thompson et al, final judg, 17848-262

Zuhair Shahly vs. Harvest Time International Worship Center, final judg, 17848-691

Saddlebrook Landings LLC vs. Brittany Smith & Jartavis et al, final judg, 17848-869

Allen Silberberg vs. Keon Shanks, final judg, 17848-911

Match Made Realty vs. Angela Miller, final judg, 17848-937

PC Sundance Pointe I LLC & PC Sundance Pointe II LLC vs. Anderia Jones, final judg, 17848-1540

Savannah Springs GP LLC vs. Marlene Arauz, final judg, 17848-1562

TFG Jacksonville LLC vs. Kaneesha Davis, final judg, 17848-1576

DSH Investments LLC vs. Gertrude J. Davis, final judg, 17848-1588

Jason Mizell vs. Gary Higo et al, final judg, 17848-1592

AMH 2015-1 Borrower LLC vs. Shandelier Barcous et al, final judg, 17848-1744

8985 Normandy LLC vs. Felipe Abraham et al, final judg, 17848-1747

All America Realty LLC vs. Kathy Simmons, final judg, 17848-1750

MAC Highlander LLC vs. Michelle Gibson, final judg, 17848-1751

First Coast Rental Management vs. Rondreka Hicks, final judg, 17848-1795

JMG Realty Inc. vs. Matthew Marino, final judg, 17848-1856

TFG Jacksonville LLC vs. Nekysha Williams & Kimaila Brown, final judg, 17848-1881

JMG Realty Inc. vs. Angelisa Johnson & Tashara Owens, final judg, 17848-1882

Lola Jean Jeffries vs. Hendry De Young & Becky Drummond, final judg, 17848-1909

Princeton Management vs. Stephon Shaffer, final judg, 17848-1912

LCA Spinnaker Reach LP vs. Ja’Ree Butler, final judg, 17848-1938

Chery C. Gore vs. Keith Farmer & Victoria Holliday, final judg, 17848-1959

New Three Seasons LP vs. Stephanie Campbell et al, final judg, 17848-2181


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