Orders & Decrees - 01/20/2017

Reports of court finding and decisions such as granting of dissolution, final judgments, etc.

Ronald Silmon & Cassia Silmon, final judg

Francisco Olivea & Rachel Olivera, final judg

Bobby Gene Altman & Tracey Ann Cook-Altman, final judg

Alexander Matos & Coralys Rivera, final judg

Nathan Paul, III & Juanetta Paul, final judg

Oscar G. Hernandez & Migdalia Hernandez, final judg

Saroeun Sen & Phone Yem, final judg

21st Mortgage Corp. vs. Vivian Schaedel; Stanley Weintraub & Sara et al, cert. of title

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Edith L. Ransom et vir, et al, cert. of title

Fannie Mae vs. Phyllis Hall & Keith A. et al, cert. of title

Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Vannessa Y. Cantrell & Pamela T. Gerard et al, cert. of title

PMT NPL Financing 2014-1 vs. Rosario Lafrence et al, cert. of title

U.S. Bank vs. Juan B. Rodriguez & Gladys Feliciano et al, cert. of title


Joseph T. Deegan & Taffi et al

Elizabeth H. Green et vir, et al

Wells Fargo Financial System Florida Inc. vs. Tamara Hewett et al, cert. of title

Bank of America vs. Geraldine P. Akodu et al, final judg

Brandywine Homes USA vs. Samuel Jones et al, final judg

CACH LLC vs. Matthew A. Jones, final judg

Community First Credit Union of Florida vs. Laura E. Gunn et al, final judg

Dinestia Holdings LLC vs. James Byrd & Lorilla et al, final judgU.S. Bank vs. Dora Duran & Alfonso et al, cert. of sale

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