Orders & Decrees - 04/28/2017

Reports of court finding and decisions such as granting of dissolution, final judgments, etc.

Allstate Ins. Co. vs. Tony Eugene Eggers, Jr., final judg

Beauclerc Bay Apts. Ltd. vs. Samantha Mullins et al, final judg

First Florida Credit Union vs. Aurelius D. Stafford, final judg

Edward Malon vs. Anthony Lando, final judg

Ninpo Surety Inc. vs. Miranda Pollard, final judg

Riverview Real Estate LLC vs. Ashaley Billingslea, final judg

José A. Sanchez vs. Katrina Perry, final judg

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC vs. Patrice M. Smith & Eric Javon Wright et al, final judg

Veterans United Home Loans vs. Lisa M. Dennis et vir, et al, final judg

Bank of America vs. Michael A. Hartsfield et ux, et al, cert. of title

U.S. Bank vs. Dan Lowinger & Michelle Miller et al, cert. of title to LSF( Master Participation Trust

Wells Fargo Bank vs. Jessie Anthony Stephens et al, cert. of title

Diara Rayshard Coleman & Shericka Renay Deamus-Coleman, final judg

John Lee & Lamisha K. Lee, final judg

Russell Lee Johnson & Rebecca Kay Johnson, final judg

Crystal Hartis & Delaina F Hartis, final judg

Gerald P. Orso & Carol McLeod Orso, final judg

Roger D. Doles & Reneé C. Doles, final judg

Angel A. Ricra & Sonia Ricra, final judg

Bank of America vs. Angela & Anthony Striblin et al, cert. of sale to Prime Area Properties LLC

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