Orders & Decrees - 03/22/2017

Reports of court finding and decisions such as granting of dissolution, final judgments, etc.

Captiva Condominium Association Inc. vs. Rashad Ross & LuíKisha et al, cert. of sale

HMC Assets LLC vs. Kathryn K. Thompson et al, cert. of sale

HSBC Bank USA vs. Emory Bellard & Rachel Dixon et al, cert. of sale

JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Yin Min Lin et al, cert. of sale

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC vs. Nelson Quinones & Audrey et al, cert. of sale

M&T Bank vs. Charles F. Jones & Michele E. et al, cert. of sale

Dianna Murrell-Walker vs. Michael Buggs, cert. of sale

NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. Margarita O. Stillwell et vir, et al, cert. of sale

Timber Oaks Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Stephen Herring & Alice et al, cert. of sale

Timothyís Landing Owners Association Inc. vs. Amber Volkmann & Bryan et al, cert. of sale

U.S. Bank vs. Osborne W. Beverly, Rodney Beverly & Ruth E. Beverly et al, cert. of sale

American Financial Resources Inc. vs. Randy D. Covington & Lakeshia D. et al, final judg

Denis Bamfim Arruda vs. unknown occupants, final judg

Bank of America vs. Vanessa Vargas Torres et vir; The Villages of Northwoods Homeowners Association Inc. et al, final judg

Bridgewell Capital LLC vs. Harvey Homes LLC et al, final judg


Claudia Drinks, Kenneth R. Smith & Gary Smith; the unknown heirs, beneficiaries, devisees, grantees, assignors, creditors & trustees of the Estate of William L. Smith et al

German Saavedra et al

Forge Properties vs. Michael Davis & Kanesia Barber et al, final judg

Harrington Industrial Plastics LLC vs. Profab Corp., final judg

Jax Town Investments LLC vs. Amanda Wood et al, final judg

JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Chris S. Subleski, Mary E. Sullivan, William C. Guthrie, Jr. & Rebecca L. Miklas et al, final judg

Lansdown Mortgage LLC vs. Thelma S. Knox et vir, et al, final judg

James B. Nutter & Co. vs. Mayo Patterson & Conrad L. McCoy et al, final judg

PennyMac Loan Services LLC vs. William L. Hoover et al, final judg

Robert J. Regan vs. Carrie M. Thomas et al, final judg

Rebekah Shively vs. Savasia Santana, final judg

U.S. Bank vs. Matthew J. Teuschel, final judg


Hydie H. Jackson & Ian Glen et al

Charles D. Gotto et al

Wilmington Savings Fund Society vs. Jeffrey R. Hall & Pamela et al, final judg

Fannie Mae vs. Gregory McKinney et al, cert. of title

Wells Fargo Bank vs. Steven W. Hayes, Steven Justin Hayes, Jennifer Claire Hayes & John Paul Hayes et al, cert. of title

Roger Andrews & Cassandra Hill Andrews, final judg

Dimitar Ivanov Praskov & Penka Georgieva Praskova, final judg

Matthew Devon Hill & Morgan Alyn Fuls, final judg

Debeka Galaie & Fetsum Gebrezgibher, final judg

Tommy E. Hughes & Cassi M. Hughes, final judg

Atanacio Rubio & Maria Rubio, final judg

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