State of FL Tax Liens - 03/22/2017

Legal documents recently recorded when a claim against the assets of a business is filed by the state of Florida for taxes not paid.

The Eason Corp., $4,9621.54, 17909-2319

Nichole Butler, $984.65, 17909-2321

Sheikhu Brothers Inc., $840.53, 17909-2322

QSB & Family LLC, $6,863.92, 17909-2323

Julianne Gamel, $4,067.28, 17909-2324

Mandarin Chiropractic Center PA, $2,168.27, 17909-2325

Wilsonís Mobile Repair LLC, $9,663.91, 17909-2326

Hourglass Pub LLC, $5,969.54, 17909-2343

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