Lis Pendens - 01/20/2017

Notice filed that title of certain property is in litigation and is in danger of being bound by adverse judgment. Judgment has not yet taken place but property is under constraint.

17841-2418 Westin-Duval Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Nerita Buckman & Romark L. et al, L50, Westin, Unit 1, filed 1-12-2017

17842-16 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Joy M. Creamer et vir, et al, Sec 3, T2S, R25E, filed 1-12-2017

17842-940 West Ridge Estates Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Romel Davis et al, L84, Westridge Estates, Unit 2, filed 1-12-2017

17842-961 Watermill Master Association Inc. vs. George Garcia & Christine A. et al, L26, Watermill, Unit 4, filed 1-12-2017

17842-1473 Fannie Mae vs. Andrew Kantack & Leila T. et al, L2, Windsor Parke, Unit 8, filed 1-12-2017

17842-2206 Bank of New York Mellon vs. Nickkie N. Johnson & Darius et al, L164, Hart Estates, Unit 4, filed 1-12-2017

17842-2282 SunTrust Mortgage Inc. vs. Joselito Jerome et ux, et al, L19, B4, Lake Lucina, Unit 3, filed 1-12-2017

17842-214 Highland Lakes Owners Association Inc. vs. Lisa D. Jones-Norton et al, L38, Highland Lakes on Argyle Forest, Unit 8, filed 1-12-2017

17843-223 Oakleigh Pointe Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Joseph F. McCloud & Shawntrell D. et al, L25, Oakleigh Pointe, Unit 2-A, filed 1-12-2017

17843-227 Villages of Mandarin Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Catherine M. Cook, L10-B, B1, Villages of Mandarin, Unit 1, filed 1-12-2017

17843-238 Biscayne Downs Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Trishauna Rowe & Joseph C. et al, L29, Biscayne Downs, filed 1-12-2017

17843-246 Yellow Bluff Landing Association Inc. vs. James Bryant & Felecia et al, L520, Yellow Bluff Hideaway, filed 1-12-2017

17843-327 U.S. Bank vs. the unknown heirs, devisees, grantees, assignees, lienors, creditors, trustees or other claimants claiming by, through, under or against the Estate of Dwane R. Bradley; Milagros Ortiz & Reneca Michella Moye et al, L26, Eagles Creek, Unit 3, filed 1-12-2017

17843-524 U.S. Bank vs. Lawrence C. Chaney et ux, et al, L9, B37, Ortega Farms, filed 1-12-2017

17843-653 Bank of America vs. Laura J. Smith et al, L78, Oakleigh Pointe, Unit 1, filed 1-12-2017

17843-699 Deerwood Place Master Association Inc. vs. Little Darling Properties-Deerwood LLC; Michael D. Smith, Unit 625, Deerwood Place III, filed 1-12-2017

17843-825 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Paul H. Roemer, II & Tracy et al, L47, Magnolia Glynn, filed 1-13-2017

17843-855 Manotak Oaks Condominium Association Inc. vs. Daryll R. Thorpe, Sr. et al, Unit 1-6, Manotak Oaks, filed 1-13-2017

17843-858 Fannie Mae vs. Sean Trujillo et ux, et al, L36, Lakeside Village, Unit II, filed 1-13-2017

17843-1439 U.S. Bank vs. Brent W. Brown & Antonia Z.; Karl Wadsack, Tommy Tharp & Linda & Stavy A. Brovitz et al, L3, Camellia Place, filed 1-13-2017

17843-1930 E*Trade Bank vs. Sanford I. Zimmerman & Lynn S. et al, L1, B53, Deerwood, UNit 10, filed 1-13-2017

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