Lis Pendens - 03/22/2017

Notice filed that title of certain property is in litigation and is in danger of being bound by adverse judgment. Judgment has not yet taken place but property is under constraint.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC vs. Samuel T. & Stephanie A. Brighton et al, L27, B2, Losco Junction, Unit 2-A, 17908-812


Marlena Y. Hammond et vir, et al, L148, Winchester Ridge, Phase 1-A, 17908-1100

Karmen Hudson & William B. Terrance, Jr. et al, L86, Winchester Ridge, Phase 1-A

RSNS LLC vs. Handler Family Partnership I LLP, no descript, 17908-1213

MidFirst Bank vs. Grace Wilborn et vir, et al, L6,7, Seminole Gardens, 17908-1285

Kristina Bramlett vs. Charles L. Wells, III, L1, B9, San Marco, 17908-1323

RSNS LLC vs. Handler Family Partnership I LLP, Sec 38, T2S, R29E, 17908-1423

U.S. Bank vs. Adele Kabange et vir, et al, L12B, Tract 6, Whispering Woods, Unit 1, 17908-2037

Ditech Financial LLC vs. the Willie George Thompson, Jr. et al, L10, B6, Royal Terrace No. 2, 17908-2150

NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. The Estate of Dennis Reid; Nina M. Reid, Courtney Lynn Reid, Martha Louise Calhoun & Ray A. Spangler et al, L5, B10, Country Creek, Unit 3, 17908-2251


Trenton Williams, Donnell Artybridge, Thomas W. Williams & Timothy Allen Moody et al, L10, Blk G, Highway, 17908-2253

Marion Patricia Griffis et vir, et al. L70,71, Spring Glen Heights, 17908-2283

U.S. Bank VS:

William F. & Drusilla G. Wink et al, L26, Eastport Small Farms, 17908-2398

Cynthia D. & John Cecil Collins et al, L13, B2, Lake Park Estates, Unit 2, 17909-44

Biscayne Bay Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Keith O. Johnson et ux, et al, L216, Biscayne Bay, Unit 2, 17909-210

Wells Fargo Financial System Florida Inc. vs. Maxima F. & Tony B. Lamar et al, L4, B2, Rolling Hills, Unit 2, 17909-1466

Winchester Ridge Homeowners association Inc. vs. Kelly Thompson et vir, et al, L101, Winchester Ridge, Phase 1-A, 17909-1828

Wilmington Trust vs. Reginald K. & Wanda G. Valentine et al, L19, B1, Emilyís Walk, Phase 2, 17911-793

MidFirst Bank vs. Tracy Shingle Bratton et vir, et al, L4-D, B2, Ellis Trace, 17909-2327

Harvey Schonbrun, Trustee vs. Wyona R. Tolen, Sec 24, T2S, R24E, 17909-2367

Fifth Third Bank vs. Ramkabir Investments Inc.; Hasmukh D. Patel & Nimesh H. Patel et al, Sec 37, T1N, R27E, 17909-2421

JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Shirley M. Glasscock et al, L4, B33, Normandy Village, Unit 8, 17910-133

Windsor Parke Property Owners Association Inc. vs. Andrew B. & Margaret J. Barna, Unit 1117, Gar. 1100-5, The Grand Reserve, 17910-517

U.S. Bank vs. Gregory L. & Jessica D. Johnson et al, L16, B17, Argyle Forest East Village, Unit 3, 17911-967

Biscayne Downs Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Bobb & Tameshia Clark Hicks et al, L69, Biscayne Downs, 17911-1007

Bank of America vs. Arthur H. McCreary, Jr. & Sylvia McCreary, L91, Walkerís Hamlet, 17911-1263

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC vs. William Berotte, Jr. & Glenda D. Berotte et al, L50, Whisper Glen, 17911-1294

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