Civil Actions - 02/17/2017

New court cases involving suits filed by a plaintiff for damages alleged to have been caused by the actions or negligence of a defendant, which can be an individual or a business, corporation or government entity.

16-007455-CA Collins, Miriam vs. Plitt, Kathleen I; Burleigh, Scott A, atty, complaint, Div-CV-F

16-007456-CA The Estate Of Karen Ryan vs. Ryan, John J; Wilson, Hilary Diane, atty, complaint, Div-CV-D

16-007457-CA Ecn Financial LLC vs. Eminov, Shamil; Zwiebel, Eric Bret, atty, complaint, Div-CV-A

16-007458-CA Community Restoration Corporation vs. Tatum, Stanley L, Tatum, Sylvia D, Tenant #1, Unknown, Tenant #2, Unknown; Kauffman, John W, atty, complaint, Div-FC-B

16-007459-CA Heil, David vs. Nee, Robert; Lechner, Albert Heinz, atty, complaint, Div-CV-F

16-007460-CA Champagne, Zachary Michael vs. Redmond, Amy; Copeland, Daniel Martin, atty, complaint, Div-CV-D

16-007461-CA Bot Yahweh, Yahweh, Bot Yahweh, Yahweh vs. Wal-mart Stores, East, Lp.; Sholes, Ronald E, atty, complaint, Div-CV-A

16-007462-CA US Bank Trust NA As Trustee For Lsf8 Master Participation Trust vs. Unknown Heirs, Beneficiaries, Devisees, Creditors, Grantees, Assignees, Lienors, Trustees And All Other Parties Claiming An Interest By, Through, Under Or Against The Estate Of Archie K Lee Deceased, Bourque-lee, Jacqueline Marr, Beattie, Shannon Jean, Gmac, LLC N/K/A Ally Financial, Inc., United States Of America, Uknown Tenant In Possession 1, Uknown Tenant In Possession 2; Hirsch, Mikael Lindsey, atty, complaint, Div-FC-B

16-007463-CA Wells Fargo Bnak NA vs. Salinas, Celeste M, Crown Asset Management, LLC, Navy Federal Credit Union, Salinas, Rogelio J, St. James Place Community Association, Inc., Unknown Party #1, Unknown Party #2, Unknown Party #3, Unknown Party #4; Godfrey, Paul Ryan, atty, complaint, Div-FC-F

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